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5 Survival Tips for IT Contractors Working in the Hot Weather

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With the summer heatwave well and truly upon us, it’s essential to consider those of us working day in day out in busy offices. IT contractors do not benefit from the luxury of working in the great outdoors, so here are five survival tips for IT contractors working in the hot weather.

Wear Shorts

One of the benefits of being a self-employed contractor is that you don’t have…

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Can HMRC ever be world class?

HMRC penalties

Revenue set out strategy for becoming top organisation

HMRC has recently published their corporate strategy to become a “world-class organisation” underpinned by the values of professionalism, integrity, respectfulness and innovation. Still, a long, long way to go then!

The department has three strategic objectives:

1. Maximise revenues and cracking down on avoidance and evasion

Taxpayers are divided by type and size into…

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Travel and Subsistence Changes – What Does it Mean?

Recently proposed travel & subsistence changes reinforce the importance of IR35 compliance.

Ahead of the autumn statement, contractors were wary of George Osbourne’s plans for the LTD company worker, and many had reservations of the future of such a lucrative industry. Following the statement itself however, the Revenue’s approach to contractors was not the knee jerk reaction that some had feared, and only minor changes were proposed surrounding amendments to…

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Personal Tax – Payment on Account Reminder

REMINDER – If your 05 April 2014 Self Assessment tax liability was in excess of £1,000, your second Payment on Account (50% of total 05 April 2014 liability) towards your 05 April 2015 liability is due and payable to HMRC by 31 July 2015.

If Qdos Accounting prepared your 2014 Self Assessment tax liability, you can find details of these amounts on your personal tax computation (QAXXXX-TC-2014) saved…

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Contract for Services

In order to accurately process your timesheets and ensure the timely delivery and ultimate payment of your invoices, it is imperative we hold a valid contract on file.

Please note if Qdos Accounting do not hold a valid contract on file, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, nor timely delivery of invoices.

Please advise if your contract has been extended or if you have a new contract…

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Summer Budget Introduction

The first Budget after a general election is traditionally the time for introducing unpopular measures. The Chancellor is not constrained by a coalition partner and has nearly five years
until the next election. Mr Osborne’s stated aim is to move the UK from a low wage, high tax, high welfare economy to a higher wage, lower tax and lower welfare economy.

Some of the key tax points…

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IR35 Tip: Working Practises

Anyone who is operating via a limited company, regardless of whether they are a newbie in the industry, or a seasoned veteran, should be made well aware of IR35 and the implications that exist should they be put under scrutiny by HMRC for falling inside the legislation. Qdos has been working alongside contractors for decades, and has been supporting and defending contractors in regards to IR35 since its…

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New Reporting Duties for LTD Company Contractors

From 6 April 2015, employment intermediaries are required to collect, store and report to HMRC the personal information of workers for whom they do not deduct PAYE and national insurance. This includes contractors operating through their own limited company.

What information is required from Limited Company Contractors (LCCs) by recruiters?

Employment intermediaries are required to report the following:

  • The name, registered address and Companies House…

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Pension Changes : Auto-Enrolment

Changes to Workplace Pensions has been much publicised recently.

The new law is only applicable for Company’s with more than 1 Employee.

If your Limited Company employs 2 or more staff you must automatically enroll the workers into a workplace pension scheme and contribute towards it if they:

  • are aged between 22 and State Pension age
  • earn more than £10,000 a…

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Contracting – The Top 5 Things to Consider

For those who are thinking of taking the leap into the contracting profession, or for all of you veterans who want to swat up on on your industry knowledge, here are our ‘Top 5’ things to consider when contracting.


When taking the leap into contracting, one of the first, and most important things to consider is getting a contractor accountant. Your accountant will be…

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