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IR35 Accountant

Qdos Accounting are a specialist IR35 accountant, boasting unrivalled IR35 expertise. Working alongside Qdos Contractor, we ensure that contractors know their IR35 status, are aware of any potential liabilities, and most of all are operating compliantly.

What is an IR35 Accountant?

An ‘IR35 Accountant’ is an accounting provider that has recognised expertise and experience in supporting and educating its clients in HMRC’s IR35 legislation. A contractor’s tax and status are vital in operating successfully, and a contractor’s accounting provider should have the knowledge and the specialisms to support their clients in navigating the many IR35 rules proficiently. For more information on what makes a good ‘IR35 Accountant’, see our guidance here.

What makes Qdos Accounting an IR35 Accountant?

Here at Qdos Accounting, we believe that gaining knowledge of the industry and most importantly an understanding of IR35 gives contractors the best start in operating via a compliant Ltd company. Being IR35 savvy from the outset ensures that contractors are aware of the nuances of the IR35 legislation from their contract start date to their contract end date and helps make sure that they do not leave themselves vulnerable to factors caused by non-compliance. At Qdos Accounting we work very closely with the in-house compliance team of Qdos Contractor providing helplines, products, and services all dedicated to delivering IR35 support to our clients, making us IR35 specialist accountants.

Access to Dedicated Accountants

All of our clients have access to their own dedicated Accountant. This support is vital in making sure that clients have an understanding of their accounting requirements and company taxes. As well as advice on VAT, salary/dividend planning and expenses, all of our clients are provided with a consultation where an accountant will go through the ins and outs of their compliance status. For new contractors, IR35 seems like a minefield, but with careful discussion from a Qdos Accounting accountant they can learn more about the reasons for HMRC’s legislation, what they can do to prevent HMRC looking into their accounts, and the potential effects IR35 would have on their business.

IR35 Contract Reviews & Assessments

In any event of an IR35 enquiry, HMRC will take a look at the engagement between the Ltd Company and the client as the first port of call. As a result of this, ensuring that the contract between the company and the end client is compliant is paramount in forming a strong defence should HMRC ever launch an investigation. Qdos Accounting can provide specialist IR35 assessments of a client’s written contract to ensure that it is compliant with the IR35 legislation. The contract is assessed clause by clause, and our team would flag any provisions that are deemed as high risk, and amendments and changes would be recommended for an agency/end client to make to ensure the contract as compliant. Any IR35 accountant should be able to provide their clients with an IR35 contract review.

IR35 Accounting Packages

Assured IR35 is our definitive IR35 accounting package. It includes our complete Ltd Company accounting service, including a full company set up bundle, as well as self-assessment and annual accounts, as well as a suite of IR35 compliance services. The package allows clients to send their contracts to us for a compliance assessment at any time, regardless of how frequent and provides unlimited checks on contract extensions, new contracts and even retrospective contracts. The Assured IR35 package also comes with Qdos Tax Enquiry Insurance, which is a unique IR35 defence insurance policy provided by Qdos Contractor. The insurance covers the policyholder against the cost of any HMRC defence and comes with full Qdos representation should the policyholder ever be put under the microscope by HMRC.

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Why Choose an IR35 Accountant?

For any professional looking to set up and trade via a Ltd company, and for any existing contractor who wants peace of mind, having an IR35 accountant in place ensures that you can operate compliantly and are prepared should your business ever be put under scrutiny by HMRC. IR35 is still a critical topic for contractors, and having an accountant that not only understands but specialises in the legislation can prove invaluable.

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