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IR35 is a Complex Tax Legislation

What is IR35?

Qdos are one of the leading authorities on the IR35 legislation, with a proven track record for defending contractors since the legislation began. As a Qdos Accounting client you will benefit not only from our day-to-day accountancy service, but will also be safe in the knowledge that you have bona fide experts on hand for any IR35 concerns.

IR35 is a tax legislation which seeks to determine the difference between contractors who are using a limited company in order to seek tax benefits when, based on their working practices, they should be taxed like an employee (a disguised employee), and those who are genuinely operating their own business and therefore entitled to the relevant tax efficiencies.

Working alongside an IR35 accountant gives you complete assurance that your contracts and working practices are compliant with the latest business tax guidelines. Understanding IR35 is crucial for contractors and having an accountant on hand that specialises in this topic is extremely valuable.


The IR35 legislation uses a number of tests and criteria based on historic case law to determine your employment status as self-employed or disguised employee. It is not illegal to operate within the scope of the legislation, but it is less financially rewarding, and failure to pay your taxes correctly as per the legislation could result in paying backdated taxes, plus interest and a potential penalty, if ever investigated by HMRC.

All contractors who are paying themselves dividends are at risk of being selected for an IR35 enquiry, which could have catastrophic financial consequences. Therefore it is vital that you are aware of the legislation and have specialist support and advice throughout your contracting career.

If you’re concerned about IR35, view our Assured IR35 accounting package or contact us if you have any questions.

IR35 Survival Kit

IR35 Survival Kit

The ultimate tool for contractors…

  • The important facts about IR35
  • A step by step guide to the enquiry process
  • An evidence checklist
  • A DIY contract review
  • What HMRC’s initial letter looks like
  • A liability checker
  • Common myths about the legislation

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